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Devil's Trail

car park near Craigmalloch, approximately 1km East of Barr Village, KA26 9TN

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Start: car park near Craigmalloch, approximately 1km East of Barr Village

End: car park near Craigmalloch, approximately 1km East of Barr Village

Distance: 4 miles(6.5km)

Download map, route of path also available from: http://www.ayrshirepaths.org.uk/walkbarr.htm (Created by Ayrshire Paths) (Dark-blue path on map)

The first part of the walk follows the Water of Gregg for two kilometres before branching off and climbing steadily through the woods along an attractive grass path. Near the highest point beautiful views open up across the Stinchar Valley to the hills beyond. The walk leads steeply down a gully and across Changue Burn. In spring and summer numerous wild flowers such as primroses and bluebells can be seen in this area. The edge of the burn is planted with small-leafed lime.

Legend has it that near High Changue, there is the site of a famous battle between the Laird of Changue and the Devil. The story goes that Changue was getting short of money and he decided to make a bargain with the Devil. He would sell his soul in return for great wealth. The Laird's fortunes changed and he prospered for many years. When the time came to deliver his soul the Laird reneged on his bargain and refused to go. The Devil proceeded to lay hold of him, but Changue placing his Bible on the turf and drawing a circle with his sword around him, sturdily and, as it turned out, successfully defied his opponent. The story must be true because to this day on the hill above High Changue you can still see the Devil's footprints, the circle drawn by the sword and the mark of the Bible clearly visible on the grass.

As you descend westwards, the walk back is a delight with glorious views across the valley to forest and hills beyond.